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Eviva offer a broad based consultancy experience of both early phase formulations and marketed products. This can involve supervising and selecting the formulation CRO and the GMP manufacturer. Dosage forms include: injections (aqueous, lyophilised, co-solvents, micellar systems); oral dose including hard and soft gelatine capsules and tablets, semi-solids; syrups and suspensions; respiratory products including nebuliser solutions; topicals including gels, creams and ointments. Products include human Rx and OTC products, veterinary products and ‘nutraceuticals’. Eviva Pharma's services include the following:

Pre-formulation; help in designing pre-formulation studies to support the formulation

  • Assignment of potency, standardisation of reference
  • pH-solubility, pH-stability
  • Binary mix compatibility/excipient selection
  • Solvent solubility
    • Formulation

      • Pre-clinical dosage form design
      • Selection of most suitable dosage form to suit the clinical indication
      • Optimisation of excipients for stability, processability, biological action
      • Short-term stability studies on candidate formulation
      • Stability studies on GMP batch(es)
        • GMP Manufacture of Drug Product

          • Selection of appropriate GMP manufacturer
          • Oversee confidentiality, commercial and technical agreements
          • Technology transfer
          • Set finished product specifications
          • Oversee/supervise first batch(es)

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